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              ABOUT US 关于我们
              About Us 公司简介

              ?????? 公司始终秉承“诚信守诺、互利双赢、以真诚和精品为自己赢得客户”的经营宗旨;我们建立了一支效率一流、服务一流的营销队伍!雄厚的技术力量,优质的产品,一流的营销售后服务,精益求精的为客户提供卓越超群的产品;作为经营从事全球新型的平台交易性公司,产品已广泛应用于冶金、化工、机械、新能源、新材料行业。


              ?????? 您满意的微笑是我们永恒的追求!加英国际真诚相邀国内外的各行企业携手共进、共创双赢,为全球客户创造价值。

              Founded in??in 2011 Jiaying (Shanghai) International Trading Co., Ltd.. ?is located in the core ??business area of Shanghai Hongqiao. Closing?to Shanghai Hongqiao Comprehensive Transportation Hub, the traffic is very convenient.

              Jiaying (Shanghai) International Trading Co., Ltd. is a Chinese distributor of Russian Norilsk^ Industry Co., Ltd., which?has been supplying to all kinds of ?clients??with ?high-quality?PM?nickel powder with high purity, ultra-fine and low oxygen content?for a long time and steadily. Over the years, the company has been ?always adhering?to the management concept of 'honesty and promises, mutual benefit, and wins customers with sincerity and quality', and strives for excellence, provides excellent products, and provides honest and comprehensive services.?As a international trading company?engaged in new international platform, ?our products has been widely used in metallurgy, chemical, energy, machinery and other industries. Jiaying International sincerely invites domestic and foreign companies to work together to create a win-win situation and create value for all?clients around the world.



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