The Dynasties of Science

The Dynasties of Science

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Louis Leakey
Archaeologist and paleoanthropologist

Key figure in advancing the theory of our African origins; also promoted primate field research and helped Jane Goodall get her start.

Mary Leakey
Archaeologist and paleoanthropologist

Sometimes working with Louis and sometimes on her own, made several major hominin finds, including Homo habilis, our distant ancestor.

Colin Leakey
(1933– )
Plant biologist

Currently a leading expert on the genetics of beans.

Richard Leakey
(1944– )
Primarily known for coordinating several important African digs, his leadership of Kenyan cultural and wildlife conservation groups, and his positions in Kenyan government.

Meave Leakey
(1942– )

Has led teams in Africa’s Turkana Basin that have discovered new hominin species.

Louise Leakey
(1972– )
Paleontologist and anthropologist

Heads the Koobi Fora Research Project, which focuses on finding human fossils in the Turkana Basin.

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